Networks Solingen uses LCC for automated DVGW report generation 

After having successfully used LCC for several years, Netze Solingen now also calculates DVGW data for the gas and water sectors automatically from LCC and outputs them in the form of a report. 


Netze Solingen has been using integrated asset management in the form of LCC very successfully for several years. The main focus is on analyses and forecasts for deriving renewal strategies. For this purpose, technical, business and regulatory data from different reference systems are implemented, improved, enriched and blended.

In the past, Netze Solingen also prepared gas and water reports internally for the DVGW on an annually recurring basis according to the DVGW's specifications in the corresponding data portal. In addition to the sheer amount of work involved, this activity also had the disadvantage that the data had to be processed manually and interpreted and defined in advance. 

The question arose as to whether it would also be possible to carry out data preparation in LCC for such data structures necessary for the DVGW. OF COURSE! Together with signion, the corresponding report data was derived from structure, failure, odorisation and system data, as well as an integrated pipe network volume calculation, together with agreed definitions, and a desired, individual report layout was also created. After a one-time implementation effort, these reports are now available and updated on a recurring basis when the database is updated and can be transferred to the DVGW portal.

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