signion user forum 2023, Gelnhausen

The annual user forum was organised last year from 8 to 9 November in Gelnhausen in cooperation with our customer Kreiswerke Main Kinzig.

Travenetz in Lübeck relies on asset management solutions from signion

At the beginning of 2023, Travenetz decided in favour of signion as part of a tender and decided to introduce LCC AM/QM in the company's asset management. 

The Kreiswerke Main-Kinzig use LCC and Qlik to shed light on their protection pipe and damage situation

Within the scope of a project expansion of the Kreiswerke Main-Kinzig, the idea developed to carry out analyses of protective pipe and failure data in the electricity and water divisions on the basis of LCC data in Qlik. By linking operating resources and protective pipes as well as damage together with the associated data, a number of conclusions can be drawn.         

Networks Solingen uses LCC  for automated DVGW report generation

After having successfelly used LCC for several years, Netze Solingen now also calculates DVGW data for the gas and water sectors automatically from LCC and outputs them in the form of a report. 

Data quality management 

Signion offers a tried and tested QuickCheck procedure for probing, preparing and evaluating the quality of the data provided.

SW Fürstenfeldbruck rely on signion's integrated asset management solution 

After the successful completion of a pilot phase for the electricity division in the second quarter of 2021, Stadtwerke Fürstenfeldbruck decided to introduce LCC yet in the same quarter.

Development of a data quality assurance for the electricity division at SW Leipzig


Signion uses the existing QA tool set for data quality analysis to check GIS and SAP data qualitatively and quantitatively for consistency and completeness.

NOW-special purpose association has tool for water price calculation developed  


With the help of LCC, signion is developing a tool to forecast the water price for the special purpose association Wasserversorgung Nordostwürttemberg (NOW). 

Qlik installation at Stadtwerke Fürstenfeldbruck

Stadtwerke Fürstenfeldbruck GmbH has decided to install the Qlik software in their company. They use the dashboards provided by signion in the electricity division.

Visualisation of gas pipelines in Berlin

In addition to the Business Intelligence solution Qlik, signion GmbH offers to create dashboards with the help of Power BI. Netzgesellschaft Berlin-Brandenburg has now taken advantage of this option.

Risk management and maintenance for Stadtwerke Solingen

Stadtwerke Solingen decided to include maintenance measures in signion's already existing project in order to be able to carry out cost and effort forecasts. Furthermore, a risk register was created and implemented together with signion.

LCC implementation phase successfully completed at REWAG's network company

Regensburg Netz GmbH had opted for the signion Asset Management solution. After the project start, the first project phase including training was successfully completed very quickly.

Genossenschaft Elektra Baselland (EBL) rely on signion's integrated asset management solution 

Genossenschaft Elektra Baselland (EBL) has decided to implement the LCC product. 

Quality assurance for the network calculation data at Netzgesellschaft Berlin-Brandenburg

The time-consuming manual quality assurance of the network calculation data has been automated with the signion - QA module. Data errors in the GIS data, the consumption data and the other input parameters can now easily be identified and corrected. 

NGN - Netzgesellschaft Niederrhein opts for signion's integrated asset management solution

Following a call for tenders, Netzgesellschaft Niederrhein has opted for signion's integrated asset management solution and the implementation has already begun. Signion was able to prevail over a large number of applicants due to the best price/performance ratio. 

Cockpit report for filling the "Interass" system for calculating the SAIDI values at Netzgesellschaft Heilbronn-Franken

The signion report generates an aggregation from the network data, as it is required in the Interass system, so that the results only have to be transferred to Interass.              

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