Network charge calculation

The creation of the network charge application is automated - from the SAP export to the plausibility check of the data and mapping rules to the Excel output of the calculation sheets (BaB, B1 and B2).

The data transfer from SAP to LCC is done with the help of the interface LCC ANT and a special SAP report that we developed for the data transfer to LCC. In LCC, the data is prepared and supplemented. For example, specific BNetzA settings are added, missing information is supplemented or several fixed assets are combined.

The conversion from a balance sheet asset to an imputed asset is carried out in LCC. Variant calculations can then be carried out there with modified BNA calculation specifications. The output of the results is automated in the data entry forms issued by the Federal Network Agency and in clear short reports.

Revenue cap

The success of the grid company in the regulated segments is controlled by the revenue cap and the actually realisable balance sheet costs. The calculation of the revenue cap and the simulation of scenarios support the grid operator in optimising revenues. To determine the optimal EOG, the fixed assets, the planned investments, the balance sheet values and the data from the network charge calculation are imported. The effects on the revenue cap by manipulating the influencing factors of the EOG formula (e.g. index values) or the specification of investment and cost scenarios can be displayed and thus determined in an optimal revenue path. 

Yield value calculation

Based on the data of the Network Charges Ordinance and assumptions on future investments, operating costs, current assets, subsidies and other financial variables, a forecast of the capitalised earnings value for a concession area can be made, for example. In addition, the figures produced are suitable for determining all key business figures, such as depreciation, book value (according to NGB, IFRS, BNetzA), return on equity/income, tax expenditure, income or lease rates from the point of view of a network owner or also lessee. The derivation and comparative presentation of suitable parameters provides the basis for the management of concession portfolios.   

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