Operational Asset Management

The tasks in the area of operational asset management are optimally supported by the operating equipment-specific mapping in the signion solution.

The consolidation of all technical and commercial operating asset data in one interface and the extensive tools for analysing the data significantly reduce throughput times. The essential functions for operational asset management are:

  • Consolidation of technical and commercial operating resource data in a central asset register;
  • Quality assurance of inventory and transaction data;
  • Condition and importance/risk assessment for prioritisation;
  • Detailing of budgets to groups of assets;
  • Generation of measures with predefined budgets, relationships to other operating resources, spatial conditions and external influencing factors;
  • Planning of maintenance measures;
  • Detailed economic efficiency calculations for the examination of technical alternatives and the weighing of opportunities and risks.

The differentiated mapping of the network and asset inventory down to the individual operating equipment in an asset data warehouse enables the necessary transparency and accuracy in asset control and gives all tools a solid basis.

In this way, the operational tasks of short- and medium-term planning of investments and maintenance are implemented more quickly, efficiently and economically, while at the same time examining technical alternatives and weighing up opportunities and risks.


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